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Floral CAD design.
Handmade Labradoor cufflins
Contemporary ring design.
Classic solitaire with detail.
interchangeable diamond jackets.
Modern ring design
Full Eternity Design
Diamond Dress Ring Modern.
Panther solitaire ring.
Heart brooch clients stones.
Freemasons Bespoke Ring Design.
African Wildlife Collection I Made.
CAD ring designs ready for casting
Bespoke Floral Ring I Made.
Three Stone vintage ring I made.
A Work In Progress.
Part Of My African Collection.
Some Frames for Jade Cuff Links.
Faberge Style CAD Design I Did.
CAD design For Jeweller In Surrey.
Design For Hatton Garden Jeweller
Stag RIng Design For a Friend.
CAD Design For Jeweller in S.A
CAD Signet Rings Are Very Popular.

   Choosing a CAD designer who has years of experience on the bench making jewellery is SO important.

Discussing your design ideas with someone who understands the manufacturing process and has the technical skills of CAD design is a bit like eating out and having the Chef serve at your table.




1. Explore my website for inspiration and guidance on ring styles, or send me a 2D image with stone dimensions,finger size, and as much info on required dimensions as possible. 

Share these ideas with me so that I can create a quotation for your design.


2. Based on your ideas, requirements and price point, I will give you an approximate quote for your design.


3. With a selection of over 100,000 graded diamonds and coloured gemstones, the choice is yours.I also have an alternative range of CVD Diamonds available, for more info on these 100% conflict free diamonds 

Review as many options as you need before deciding on your center stone. We’ll then use the precise measurements to complete a draft design.


4. Using the specific dimensions of your chosen gemstone, I will share initial sketches and create a 3D realistic CAD image of your design with renderings to show you.

This is your time to give plenty of feedback and ask questions about your design, I understand that you might want to make changes along the way. 


5. Only once you and you are completely happy with the design, will we sign it off and start the exiting job of producing it.

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