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Buying a gemstone is often a very different experience than buying a diamond. Gemstones are selected based on favorite colors, wardrobe matches, personality, and fashion trends. While gemstones are judged using the 4Cs, just as diamonds do, each is judged separately. For example, a sapphire is compared to another sapphire, but wouldn't be compared to an emerald or aquamarine. Choose your gemstone jewellry based on your personal preferences.


Lush. Exotic. Untamed. This is no polite, garden-variety green: Emerald pulses with life and vitality. In its depths beats the heart of the rainforest, its shadows alive with promise, expectation... even danger. More valuable than even diamonds, fine-quality Emeralds of significant size are among the world’s most bewitching jewels. Their incomparable dark green color is produced only under extremely rare conditions. Because these conditions also result in tiny cracks and cavities in the stone, inclusions are acceptable in top-quality Emeralds. Ancient history records Emerald mines near the Red Sea, “Cleopatra’s Mines,” where the Pharaohs gathered gems between 3000 and 1500 B.C. The Incas and Aztecs of South America once worshiped Emerald as a holy stone. And Maharajas of India, who believed the gem brought luck and restored health, had multitudes of Emeralds in their treasure vaults. The green of Emerald is representative of life and springtime. In ancient Rome, it was the color that symbolized the beauty and love of the goddess Venus. Perhaps this is why Emerald is the gem chosen by love birds to celebrate their 20th, 35th or 55th wedding anniversary. Emerald is also the gemstone of choice for those born in May as well as those born under the sign of Virgo. As a member of the Beryl family of gems -- cousin to Aquamarine and Morganite -- Emerald is found in Afghanistan, Columbia, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, and Russia. Our Emerald is mined in Zambia and Brazil and is available in qualities from commercial to AAA, and in sizes up to 1ct plus. Larger sizes, purchased for their rarity and beauty, are available in the Black Box Gemstone® collection. Images of these unique gems are available online. The hue of nature itself, Emerald enjoys appeal year-round: an ideal accent for spring wardrobes, a highlight of summer designs, an autumn complement and the perfect hue to dispel winter blues. With proper care, your Emerald jewellry will be treasured for generations.


The color blue holds an endless fascination. From the high dome of the sky to the oceans that cover two-thirds of the globe’s surface, blue literally surrounds us. Seen from space, Earth is revealed as a shimmering blue planet. It’s little wonder, then, that the breathtaking blue of Sapphire has captured man’s imagination from the beginning. Ranging from the deepest midnight to brilliant cornflower blue, Sapphires have long been prized for their intense, velvety color. Many people believe that the darker the color, the more valuable the gem. In many instances, this is not the case. Sapphire is one such example where the best and most valuable color is a mid-toned hue. In the case of Blue Sapphire – it is the vibrant “cornflower” hue that is most prized. The ancients believed that Blue Sapphire - holding in its depths the power of sea and sky - had influence over the spirit world as well; among its reputed powers was the ability to make peace between warring parties. The calming influence of blue has also made it an enduring symbol for loyalty and trust - one reason that women around the world choose Sapphire for their engagement rings. Sapphire – in all its rainbow of colors – is the gem given to those born in September or to those born under the sign of Aquarius. Those who celebrate their 5th, 7th, 10th and 45th wedding anniversary find the brilliant blue color of Sapphire makes the perfect gift to represent faith and steadfast commitment of their relationship. Several countries produce gem quality Sapphire, including the United States, Asia, Australia and East Africa. Our Blue Sapphire is mined primarily in East Africa. With colors ranging from inky blue to voluptuous azure, there is a Blue for everyone who chooses to experience the enchantment of this splendid gem.


Blood-red. Fire-red. Color that burns along the veins, and gives brightness to the night. If you’re looking for the color of life itself, look no further than red. And the gemstone that brings red to vivid life can have only one name: Ruby. The “king of gems,” Ruby is one of the world’s oldest and most revered gemstones. It is also one of the rarest. The mineral Chromium is responsible for the gem’s startling color. Rubies with hardly any inclusions are so rare that large stones of good color fetch higher prices at auction than even diamonds. Fiery and romantic, showing brilliant depth and intensity, the red hue of Ruby is certain to draw attention. In settings that focus attention on voluptuous color, Ruby sends a message of drop-dead glamour and femininity. Geometric-inspired jewellry designs featuring Ruby are equally appealing to both men and women who seek to convey strength, honor and classic style. Ruby is the gem most often bestowed on those born in July as well as those born under the sign of Aries. Its arresting hue speaks of passion and love, making it a stunning gem option for the celebration of the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Our Ruby selection includes commercial quality – ideal for repairs along with a consistent supply calibrated Ruby. Larger sizes are available as part of the Black Box Gemstone® collection. While Ruby producing countries include Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tanzania and Madagascar. Thailand was once a major contributor of Ruby to the world, producing the famous “Siam” Ruby. We are currently partnering with mines in that country to revitalize the vivid Siam gem. Contact us for current inventory availability and updated pricing.

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