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Where to start?


The ring finger is always on the left hand, right next to your little finger.


The average women's ring size is L½


Guessing your partner's ring size correctly can be achieved with a little common sense.


If your partner is short and petite, perhaps around 5'2 (157cm) it's probably safe to assume her fingers are smaller and more slender, so start around a J (US size 5¼).


If she is closer to 5'6" (167.5cm), chances are she has the average finger size of L½ (US size 6).


If she's taller than average or a slightly heavier build, her weight will be naturally distributed across the whole body, so you should be looking at around a ring size N (US size 7).




As long as you can get within two to three sizes of her actual ring size, you can always get it resized, although, a more drastic, like a P to a K, will have necessary costs involved.

Ring size comparison chart from Chris Simpson Designs
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