Cultured Diamonds

Or CVD ( carbon vapour deposition) lab grown diamonds as the trade would call it. It is the process of recreating exactly what nature takes millions of years to produce, in just a few weeks.

These are not "Fake Diamonds"! Each is a certified diamond by GIA or IGI and is chemically, optically & physically identical to mined diamonds.

Basically scientists have been able to recreate what happens in the atmosphere on Jupiter after discovering that lightning storms in a hydrogen rich atmosphere create small diamond crystals that fall as rain.

Yip that's right ,its actually rains diamonds on Jupiter !!  

The atmosphere is so hot that these little diamonds melt and fall to the surface as diamond rain.This means that in theory there could be a big shimmering diamond sea below those clouds.   

It is a fascinating story worthy of a James Bond film,how the jewellery trade and big mining companies scramble to try and keep them off the market.There have been many stimulants over the years, this is 100%  diamond!

Today it is impossible to control the flow of information and that Millenials of today shop very differently to Baby Boomer's of yesterday.

Today in a world of self driving cars,organic food,and all things environmentally friendly.

There is no better time to look for an alternative to mined diamonds, that leave such a massive carbon footprint behind and are responsible for so much suffering in third world countries.

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