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From Sketch to Creation: Behind the Scenes here at Chris Simpson Designs.

When it comes to creating captivating and innovative designs, with an exceptional eye for detail and a passion for bringing ideas to life, our design process is a fascinating journey from initial sketch to final creation.

The Chris Simpson design process begins with extensive research and brainstorming. We immerses ourselves in the subject matter, studying the latest trends and exploring various sources of inspiration. By staying updated with the ever-evolving design world, we ensure that our creations are fresh and unique.

Once armed with a wealth of ideas, we begin the sketching phase. With a pencil in hand, we meticulously transfers thoughts onto paper, exploring various compositions and experimenting with different shapes and lines. This stage allows us to visualize some designs in a raw and organic way, enabling us to refine these ideas and identify the most promising concepts.

After finalizing the sketches, we move on to the digital realm. Utilizing advanced software tools, we digitally recreate the designs, adding layers of intricate detail and refining the overall aesthetics. This stage allows us to experiment with colors, textures, and dimensions, bringing these concepts to life in a way that traditional sketching cannot achieve.

Once satisfied with the digital "life like" renderings, we proceed to the creation stage. Depending on the nature of the project, this can involve a range of techniques such as 3D printing, handcrafting, setting, or collaborating with other specialized craftsmen.


Obsessed with perfection, we ensure that the final piece closely resembles the original vision, paying attention to every minute detail to achieve the desired outcome. What sets us apart is our ability to not only create visually stunning designs but also to infuse them with meaning. Whether it’s an engagement ring, or a pair of earrings, our designs carry a story, evoking emotions and capturing attention. We believe that good designs are not just eye-catching but also thought-provoking, and we strive to achieve this balance in every project we undertake.

In conclusion, the Chris Simpson design process is a testament to our unwavering commitment and excellence. From the initial sketch to the final creation, our passion and attention to detail shine through, producing designs that captivate and inspire. With our unique ability to combine beauty, functionality, and meaning. We continue to be a driving force in the world of jewellery design.

How We Can Help

 Our services include but are not limited to:

– Repair workshop for any jewellery related repairs.

– 3D CAD modelling & visualisation using leading 3D software.

– Design for manufacture

– Prototype manufacture.

– Rapid concept generation and rendering.

– Detailed design and development. 

– Design strategy for new designers.

– Rapid prototyping for lost wax casting

– Casting service

– Finishing service

– Setting service

– 3D Scanning service

– Hallmarking service


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Welcome to a realm of unparalleled expertise, where diamonds are not just gems but reflections of everlasting beauty and perfection. As your dedicated Diamond Specialist and seasoned gemologist.Here at Chris Simpson Designs, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the world of fine jewelry.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have a Chris Simpson Design. Our bespoke creations go beyond trends, capturing the essence of your style and individuality. Whether it's an engagement ring, a pendant, or any other piece, each creation is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Come see us at our Wimborne studio and sit with our expert designer to select the finest materials, choose unique gemstones, and tailor every detail to your preferences. From traditional elegance to contemporary flair, our bespoke jewellery service is your canvas for self-expression.