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Handmade here in the U.K, designed by myself to make life easy for any jeweller.




Approx. 900 grams


Size: Medium 


Length: 770mm

Width: 600mm



Soft natural genuine leather lined with gemstone motif backing for added comfort and a bit of luxury.



* Removable Magnatized front pouch for easy storage of burs etc: while working, speeding up       workflow.

*Magnet doubles up as Metal filing clearner.

* Large "Kangaroo pouch" in front, designed without corners so rouge gemstones don't get stuck       in them.  

*Phone pouch placed at peg hight on apron for those Social Media videos.

*Left and right Tweezer and pen pouches.

*Loupe clip with extendable cord.

*Adjustable cross over Leather back strap which clips onto waist for comfort and easy removal.

*Quality Bras loop attached to hip for mallets and hammers while walking around workshop.

*Leather loops on sides for, well anythig really.

*Lined Gemstone motif material for a bit of luxury and professionalism for the discerning jeweller     who is often called out onto the shop floor.


You won't find a better Jewellers apron on the market today. 













Handmade Genuine Leather Jewellers Apron.

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